Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote Early? Vote Again

There's a lot of trembling among Democrats hungry for a clean nomination: will Hillary sue to seat the illegitimate delegates from Florida and Michigan? Such a lawsuit, they fear would bring up shades of Bush v. Gore, and could alienate a legion of voters - blacks, if Hillary wins, or Floridians and Michiganders, if she loses.

Lost in all this shedding of putative tears is an obvious solution: hold a re-vote. The national party has always maintained that it will honor a vote held after February 5th. Since it is evident now that their delegates would in fact matter, Florida and Michigan should eat crow and schedule new primaries on May 20th or June 3rd or something. Then both candidates will have the chance to campaign, residents can make a real choice, the states become as decisive as they had hoped to be, and nobody gets alienated!


Mom said...

I agree. Bring on the vote. This is proving to be the most interesting Pres. race in my adult life.

Chops said...

Newt Gingrich agrees: two days after my post, he published an editorial in the WSJ:

However, he didn't credit Global Review with having the idea first. Boo!