Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Search and Destroy

I'm always entertained to see who finds my blog through search engines. The latest: Global Review is result #7 on Google when searching review of global ladies. We work hard to bring you reviews of ladies all over the world!


cory said...

#1 when you search for blogs by "people who have successfully rocked a mustache for longer than a week at a time"

Chops said...

This year I was smart, and did my first going-to-a-sunny-place with a bare face. That way I don't have a "moustache-tan-line" that I have to cover with a moustache all summer.

cory said...

ah kha!

he can be taught!

when i've shaved my beard, it just looks like my beard turned from black to white overnight.

Hope said...

#5 now. Way to work it.