Monday, July 21, 2008

Bike Trip

Two friends and I spent two days doing a rigorous bike trip around the Genesee Valley area of Western New York. Here's our route, which took us along the shore of Conesus Lake (right), up to 1400+ feet of elevation, and past the Swain Ski Resort at our furthest point.

The best eats? Get the 1/2 pound Patty Melt at the Lakeville Family Restaurant. At $5.95, that hunk of beef was just 20 cents dearer than the 1/4 pound Patty Melt.

For on-the-road food, Fig Newton knockoffs beat all comers. For a buck at Dollar General, I got about 3300 calories worth of low-fat, tasty cookies that are not (just) processed sugars. These fueled the last leg of the trip (and no, I didn't eat them all). Cheers to Evan for the tip.

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