Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Six-Mile High Club

So I joined the six-mile high club yesterday. Until you've done it in an airplane bathroom, you simply haven't experienced diarrhea and vomiting! I was incontinent between continents, blowing chunks into the wild blue yonder, losing my single-serving lunch, having the runs on the fly, throwing up, up and away, getting shakes on a plane. You get the picture.

In other news, it's good to be (at my parents') home.


Hope said...

Eew. Stop having so much fun describing that.

Fendeilagh said...

That was a terrible series of terrible puns, which have now conjured up terrible images in my innocent little brain.

Chops said...

Thinking of amusing puns for ones illness is a great way to pass the time between heaves.

Mike said...

I approve of this humor