Monday, September 8, 2008

Religious Oppression

Muslims in Western China are subject to a set of stringent rules reminiscent of the Book of Daniel or the depredations of Antiochus Epiphanes. NYTimes reports:
The rules include prohibiting women from wearing veils and men from growing beards, as well as barring government officials from observing Ramadan...

The limits on religious practices put in place by local governments appear to be part of the broader security crackdown. The areas affected by the new rules are near Kuqa, a town struck by multiple bombings on Aug. 10.
Is there any more effective way to turn a population against its government than by forbidding people from practicing their religion and traditions? If this doesn't create more militants and separatists, I don't know what will.

Meanwhile, in Cairo, oppressed Christian minority slum-dwellers in Muqattam are still waiting for the government to fully respond to a massive rock-slide Saturday. At least 31 are dead; those buried in the rubble have not yet been counted. The government seems to be treating this as a police operation: the victims are being treated as a security threat rather than cared for.

Hat tip to inos.

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