Friday, November 21, 2008

Would You Die for this Man?

A news article on today reminds me of Romans 5:7 (paraphrased slightly):
For it is rare for anyone to die for a righteous person, though somebody might be brave enough to die for a good pitcher.
In this instance, it's the Sawx pursuit of A.J. Burnett that's under discussion:
Amid speculation that the Red Sox are speaking regularly with the agent for A.J. Burnett in an attempt to land the pitcher, a baseball source said today that the Red Sox are still in the relatively early stages in negotiations with all free agents and that the team ultimately may be unwilling to pay the ultimate price for the pitcher.
It's true! They said that winning the World Series would change Boston fans, and make us complacent - and they were right. A good number two starter is available - and the Sox can't find anyone willing to pay the ultimate price! Time was, just a few years ago, fans would gladly immolate themselves for a fourth outfielder or a decent third base coach. Now? We can't even find a willing sacrifice for a proven starter.

The shame...

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Mom said...

I will offer my first-born son.