Friday, August 14, 2009

Progress on Two Fronts

Who wrote this?
Imagine an annual economic growth rate of 7%, declining unemployment, a thriving tourism industry, and a 24% hike in the average daily wage. Where...? The West Bank.

The West Bank's economic improvements contrast with the lack of diplomatic progress on the creation of a Palestinian state. Negotiators focus on the "top down" issues, grappling with legal and territorial problems. But the West Bank's population is building sovereignty from the bottom-up, forging the law-enforcement, civil, and financial institutions that form the underpinnings of any modern polity.
Emphasis added, but what kind of anti-Israeli peacenik would speak so glowingly of West Bank 'sovereignty'?
Mr. Oren is Israel's ambassador to the United States.
Oh. Huh. So not only is responsible Fatah leadership in the West Bank leading to swift economic growth, but Israeli leadership can see a peace with honor in a self-governing, sovereign West Bank.

Now if only Israeli leadership would respond as they have promised to Palestinian good faith and stop expanding the settlements!

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