Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bachelor Getaway

So I had a great surprise this weekend - my buddies flew me to D.C., and met me there for a 48-hour bachelor getaway. Some highlights:
  • Ali Baba's dog eating Craig's toothbrush.
  • "YOU DIDN'T LET MY DOG OUT OF IT'S F***ING CAGE!?!?!?" Sorry, Ali.
  • Dubya and I ambushing Ali Baba in the snow in his t-shirt... and getting tackled in a foot of powder.
  • Dubya sinking into depression as he won game after game Monday night... while watching his Fantasy Football playoff lead trickle away into ignominious defeat on MNF.
  • "It's afternoon, why aren't we drinking beer?"
  • Sucking at Wii MarioKart.
  • Alhambra, La Citta, Thurn and Taxis, Antike - all great games
  • Embarrassed New Englanders trying to talk about sex.
  • One astounding revelation.
  • "Hey Jon, what are you doing for dinner - I'm in Baltimore".
  • More snow in DC than in Western NY. Say what?!
  • M&M's, Pub Mix, corn chips, salsa, kosher franks, cheeseburgers, asparagus, beers, ice cream, peanuts, coffee.
  • The junkfood hangover on Tuesday. I barely ate all day long. OK, that's a lowlight.
Thanks, brothers!


Katrina said...

So glad that you had fun, and that you were mostly unsuspecting until the day your plane left!

Anonymous said...

unsuspecting revelation?????

I need to email you.

ali baba

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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