Monday, January 18, 2010

Signs of the Apocalypse: Close Senate Race in Mass

How bad are things for the Democrats nationally? In Massachusetts, a well-known local Democrat with decades of elected service is being beaten by an unknown Republican from Wrentham. It seems Massachusetts independents really, really don't like the idea of a federally-run health care system or punitive taxes on investment. Hub Politics has the view from inside the GOP movement.

Bay Staters! Send Scott Brown to Washington as the emergency brake on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika. We need a little gridlock when the pork, the deficit spending, and the frankensteined reforms get out of hand. Global Review firmly endorses balanced government and uncomfortable incumbent parties.


Carol L. Douglas said...

Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Chops.

Notice the absence of exit polls? Nobody thought this was a contest, and then it was too late to get pollsters, is my uneducated guess. But I sit glued to the computer waiting for results.

They don’t vote with quills and parchment in Massachusetts, do they?

Chops said...

No, we use little shiny stones. And you are correct that it was too late to set up an exit-polling operation when observers realized Brown was in the running.