Monday, August 23, 2010



To: NFL advertising execs
From: A "football" fan
Date: 23 August 2010

The potential confusion over the word "Football" is also a potential goldmine of NFL promotion. While many Americans are being turned on to Metric Football, many are also turned off. The flopping and diving in the World Cup highlights not only the worst aspect of Metric Football, but also the tough side of NFL Football.

The ad concept consists of a series of football action footage, a shot from the World Cup, and then a shot from the NFL. In each World Cup shot, two players will brush each other, and one (or both) will collapse in agony, rolling around and flailing his arms to signal a yellow card. In each NFL shot, the player will get lit up by a bone-crunching tackle, and jump to his feet triumphantly signalling a first down. Close the video with a baritone voice intoning, "this is American Football; this is the NFL", or some such.

Someone, somewhere, PLEASE make this video!


Anonymous said...

Wes Welker footage should be prominently involved.

ali baba

Mr. Dough said...

I'm afraid our current president may nix this great idea for fear of offending the metric world.