Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TSA & Breasts

Drudge highlights a pathetic pair of stories on the Transportation Security Administration. In one, TSA agents repeatedly failed to spot a gun hidden in a woman's bra as she went through the full-body scanners. The agents in question were not disciplined. In another, TSA agents so traumatized Alaska state rep Sharon Cissna (D-Anchorage) with a sexually invasive "pat-down" - after spotting scars from her mastectomy - that she has elected to return to travel to Juneau by boat. The agents in question were not disciplined.

We hear a lot about how the Backscatter machines are making Americans more uncomfortable, but not much about making them more safe. Isn't it time to end this experiment?


Mom said...

I realized that I got thru w/scissors in my toiletries bag a couple of flights ago; since then I've purposely left them there. It's such a bonus having scissors on a trip, and really, if the machine & the screeners can't find them, I consider it a coup.

Chops said...

They never bother guys with shaving razors. Never mind that those can be converted to box-cutters pretty easily (in the right hands; not mine).

Chops said...

Safety razors, that is; still the blade is there.