Tuesday, May 3, 2011


To Republican Candidates for President.

From Global Review

Re: Death of Osama bin Laden

The president has allowed 36 hours to elapse since the death of Osama and not announced that U.S. forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan. This is wise and presidential, and he is doing the right thing. However, you are not president, and you have no due diligence to do; you must merely say the right thing. So say it now; be the one to shape the media narrative for the coming campaign, and preempt the president on the choice that he will necessarily make within a few months.

Call for a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. You can couch it in careful language - "contingent on the intelligence found with bin Laden, with all due diligence, blah blah blah" - but be clear that the job is done, you applaud President Obama, and you want to see the young men and women of your district back at home. No more American soldiers need die. No more billions need be spent. The moment is perfect, the message is clear, and the only thing we lack is a voice.

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