Monday, December 5, 2011

Richard Cohen models sophistication and nuance for country bumpkin Repubs

In a WaPo column about how "lucky" President Obama is (really! I guess Cohen reads different news sites then I do), Richard Cohen characterizes the GOP with this uplifting chestnut:
It is simply amazing that in a country of 313 million people, many of them literate, the political opposition consists of ignoramuses, dimwits, contrarians, Christian jihadists and, now, two men so thoroughly hollow that a moral principle would make a rattling sound inside them. I am talking of course of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.
It's a good thing Republicans can't read, or they might feel insulted!

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Carol L. Douglas said...

OK, I just reposted that verbatim (with credit to Global Review, of course) on FB.

As for Cohen, "He's not so much an old liberal who grew conservative as he is a simplistic old hack who believes his common prejudices to be politically incorrect truths and his Beltway conventional wisdom to be bracing political insight." (Alex Pareene in Salon)