Thursday, November 1, 2007

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

According to the Daily Mail, the Ministry of Defense's own "Q" - Professor Sir John Pendry - has come up with a Bondsian gadget that will revolutionize warfare: an invisible tank.
The new technology uses cameras and projectors to beam images of the surrounding landscape onto a tank... [Pendry] said the only drawback was the reliability of the cameras and projectors. But he added: "The next stage is to make the tank invisible without them - which is intricate and complicated, but possible."
Global Review has shocking new photos of the invisible tanks, deployed in Tehran:

And in Moscow:

And here is a British tank in action in Beirut:

Keep your eyes open for invisible tanks in your neighborhood!

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David W. said...

Chops, what is stopping us from jumping on the Ron Paul band wagon???