Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Farm Bill

With food prices at their highest level in memory, do you think the government should be taxing all Americans to give welfare payments to flush farmers? David Brooks breaks it down in today's NY Times.
The growers of nearly every crop will get more money. Farmers in the top 1 percent of earners qualify for federal payments. Under the legislation, the government will buy sugar for roughly twice the world price and then resell it at an 80 percent loss. Parts of the bill that would have protected wetlands and wildlife habitat were deleted or shrunk.
81 senators and 318 reps voted for this $307,000,000,000 giveaway. They ignored the administration's request to free USAID's hands in providing food aid to countries at risk of famine, and the votes are sufficient to override President Bush's promised veto.

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain talk about accountability in government, combating special interests, and freeing legislation from the entanglements of lobbyists.
But Obama supported the bill, just as he supported the 2005 energy bill that was a Christmas tree for the oil and gas industries. Obama’s vote may help him win Iowa, but it will lead to higher global food prices and more hunger in Africa...

John McCain opposed the farm bill. In an impassioned speech on Monday, he declared: "It would be hard to find any single bill that better sums up why so many Americans in both parties are so disappointed in the conduct of their government, and at times so disgusted by it."
McCain for President: let's stop giving tax money to the rich.


Chops said...

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