Monday, May 5, 2008

Yankees Fans: A Menace to Society

Notice to New England bahtendahs: stop serving beeah an' spirits to Yankees fans aftah the 6th inning.
Authorities won't describe the argument beforehand in Slade's Food & Spirits [in Nashua, NH], but witnesses said it heated up when Hernandez identified herself as a New York Yankees fan.
She may not have begun the ahgument, but like her favorite team, she figgahed the only way to end it was with uncalibrated wahfahe. Some people can't handle losin' gracefully.
"She never braked, and she accelerated at a high speed for about 200 feet. She went directly at this group of people"
Aftah killing Matthew Beaudoin, age 29, she told police she thought the people would "get out of the way."
Chris Lovett, a disc jockey at Slade's, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that Beaudoin kept to himself and "wasn't an instigator."

Faith Beaudoin said her brother, who lived in Nashua, was a 1997 graduate of Nashua High School... She said his organs, including his heart, live and kidneys, were donated in hopes of saving other people's lives. "He was always helping people when he was alive, and he's still saving lives," she said, choking back tears during the weekend.
Win one for the faithful depahted, Sawx.

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