Wednesday, June 25, 2008


David Ignatius has the most informative column I've read anywhere in quite a while, writing a piece sufficiently researched to be credible, but insufficiently sourced to be a news article. The result is an optimistic and very interesting discussion of the mysterious Syria-Israel talks that have been going on in Turkey. Ignatius' piece is worth a read, but here's his last, best point:
(5) What about Syria's secret nuclear reactor, which was destroyed by the Israelis on Sept. 6, 2007?

Oddly enough, that attack on what CIA analysts called the "Enigma Building" may have helped the peace talks. The Israelis felt that their decisive action helped restore the credibility of their deterrence policy. The Syrians appreciated that Israeli and American silence allowed them time to cover their tracks. Finally, the fact that Assad kept the nuclear effort a secret, and that he managed the post-attack pressures, showed Israelis that he was truly master of his own house, and thus a plausible negotiating partner.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking today... if my tax dollars pay to subsidize corn farmers who are benefiting from higher prices due to demand, ethanol, etc. then i am not only suffering from inflation but paying to help those who benefit from it? or am i missing something here? and obama is supporting this, correct? money is being taken from me to help keep my food bill higher! brilliant!

Chops said...

Yeah, you got that pretty much right.