Wednesday, June 18, 2008

South Africa in Black and White

How well does affirmative action work? In India, Gujjars rioted and killed dozens because the government classed them in the second-lowest rank of castes. They wanted to be in the lowest rank.

In India, the caste system is explicitly unconstitutional.

Now, in South Africa, 200,000 people previously considered "white" are now classified as "black". This is good to know, as I'm planning to enjoy some good traditional white black food at my friend Chen Yi's home tonight. The newly black in South Africa are thrilled - now they can be considered for government quotas for 'blacks' in government, education, and business. It may be a little hard to follow all this, so I've helpfully posted a picture of a black South African.

The Republic of South Africa was founded on the premise of racial equality.


Anonymous said...

He looks half-Asian.

Gandhi said...

Whoops. That was posted by me.