Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Celebration of Democracy

Perhaps the most transcendent aspect of American life is the willing transfer of the most powerful office in the world from one man to his opponent. The lawful abjuration of authority by Mr. Bush will be the most noble moment of his life - as it was for Mr. Clinton, Mr. Ford, Mr. Truman, Mr. Hoover, Mr. Cleveland, Mr. Buchanan, Mssrs. Adams, and, most spectacularly, Mr. Washington.

Watch the drama and beauty live on C-SPAN.


Mr. Dough said...

So true Chops. Let's hope it stays that way, given the talk about prosecuting members of the outgoing administration. That would be the death knell of our system, IMHO.

Chops said...

I agree, Dough. And I think Obama understands that, and will block any widespread efforts at prosecution, which is an executive function after all.