Friday, February 6, 2009

Walworth, the "Free Stuff" Poet

Somebody in rural Walworth frequently posts on Craigslist's "free stuff" board random knick-knacks and household items to give away. Somehow, this is poetry.
Let Us Pray Cross Stitch Book
i didnt realize until leafing through
this book that it is a cross stitch
book with patterns

Cross Stitch Book
a book and a magazine
they are a bit musty
must have been stored in
a damp spot

Rocking Horse Decoration
about 11" long
could use a bit of
polishing but cleaned up
it will look great

Baby Toy
in good working shape
does have a bit of yellowing
maybe due to being older but
otherwise in good shape

Fire Extinguisher
dont know if it works but
pretty sure it would need

not pictured i have a pkg
of 3 hoover vacum bags
type G short bag
says they fit handivac
pixie and quick broom cleaners

Silver Plated Vase
looks to be new comes from
the international silver company
it is 7 inches tall
it does have a tiny bit of tarnish
developing but i am sure that can
be removed with silver polish/cleaner

Doll with Pacifier
good shape

Wooden Box
very heavy and sturdy but
the paint is peeling
it measures 13" across
8" tall at higest point
6" tall at the lowest point
and 10" wide
maybe good for storing things
in a shop or garage?

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