Monday, March 23, 2009

Best of Craig's List

Here's a nominee for "Best of Craig's List". Go click your support!
Relatively large bird cage - approximately 3' high x 2' wide x 2' deep - total approximation, mind you. Spacial relations not guaranteed to be accurate. Likely large enough to fit a small child if desired, though not recommended.

White bars with curved top. Red square base w/ removable tray for easy (or, at least, easier) cleaning. Front door w/ securing brace. 2 sliding side doors.

Does not come w/ food/water trays. Nor does it come with a bird. Those things fly and are difficult to catch. Had two in the bush once, but I'd prefer one in the hand.

Can include some small-animal accessories if wanted. Sticks and stuff.

Kinda looks like the attached picture, though that is not it. Don't have a pic readily available, as I am in class right now, not paying attention. Might post an actual pic later if no responses. Just use your imagination to apply the aforementioned color palate to this picture for now.

NOTE - if you're my professor, let's just call me giving you this cage a fair trade for not listening to you right now, okay? Thanks.

First come, first serve - unless you're my professor, then you get it auto-style. Serious responses only, please.


Hope said...

I don't think I'd like this kid if I met him. Too smartalecky (see paragraph 3)

inos said...

i laughed aloud at this.

Chops said...

That's sort of the stereotypical U of R attitude, imho: snarky yet self-concious.