Tuesday, March 3, 2009

McCain Finds His Voice

Dana Milbank reports a tirade by John McCain on the Senate floor. Mac is justifiably angry - while Obama and Congress speak on the airwaves about the need for decisive stimulus spending and how important it is that the future taxpayers go $1,000,000,000,000 *more* in debt for it, the lawmakers are padding the bill with the usual gimmes.

Taxpayers don't want to go in debt for pig odor research, cultural centers in other states, or "sustainable Las Vegas". How about sustainable debt?!

I did not support McCain for president, but I am glad to see he's back in the Senate doing the good work.
"So much for the promise of change," McCain began. Buttoning his coat and straightening his tie, he reminded everybody again that both he and Obama vowed to end earmarks. "President Obama said during the debate in Oxford, Mississippi, quote, 'We need earmark reform. And when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely.' " Instead, McCain said, several table thumps later, "the president will sign this appropriations bill into law -- it's the president's business."

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