Friday, April 24, 2009

Chile Review

Some highlights and lowlights from my first visit to a South American country. Everything´s listed worst to best.

  • Empanada Mariscos: this mess of seafood lacks distinct flavor in 2 tries.
  • Machas (Razor Clams) in butter sauce: unspectacular.
  • Fried whitefish: cheapest fish, but still tasty. The batter was soggy, though.
  • Grilled Reineta: Light flavor, not fishy, and substantial.
  • Shrimp with cheese in butter sauce: a winner, if a bit over the top.
  • Reineta Ceviche: delicious in its onion and lemon marinade; not `fishy´ at all.
  • Fried conger eel: the batter crust pairs perfectly with tender and boneless flesh.
  • Urmeneta Carmenere: has a serious kick; was drinkable with spicy food.
  • Santa Emiliana Chardonnay: a bit of a sour taste develops late.
  • Ocho Tierra Cabernet Sauvignon: well-balanced table wine.
  • Montes Malbec: sophisticated and dry, but not bold enough to really impress.
  • Santa Emiliana Carmenere: bold and smoky, this wins compliments at $3.
Cultural Curios
  • Creepy hustlers dressed as clowns and mimes.
  • Walk on the right. Or the left. Or the middle.
  • The lack of brewed coffee; Nescafe is a Spanish portmanteau for no es cafe.
  • Nightlife ends at 7pm... and then restarts around midnight. Where do they all go?
  • National pastime: making out in the park.
  • El pueblo of Colo-Colo: it´s like a class-conscious Red Sox Nation.
  • Fresh salsa at the table as a condiment.
  • Friendly dogs have the run of the city.
Another highlight I'll brag about until I die: while hiking in the foothills of the Andes, we got buzzed by a condor. It was huge: 7 to 9 foot wingspan, and flew past just 10 meters overhead.

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Well, if you don't make it as an economist, I think you might find work as a food critic.