Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yahoo Comes From Boston?

The Yahoo! MLB preseason predictions guesses are out, and Brown, Passan, Edes, and Henson seem like a bunch of Boston homers: they unanimously predict the Yankees will finish 3rd again; they unanimously pick the Cubs and Red Sox to make their respective Championship Series; they unanimously pick the Sox to go to the World Series, and only Brown expects the NL team (Cubs) to beat the consensus Sox in the World Series.

Let's hope there's no Yahoo! Curse... and can someone explain to me how the Yankees can pick up Texeira, Sabathia, and Burnett and NOT improve? They won 89 games last year - but the experts are predicting wins in the [87, 92] range! This I do not understand (though 'tis devoutly to be wished).

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Anonymous said...

its b/c sabathia was on the cover of SI: they probably htinks he'll go 2-12 w/a 7.50 ERA