Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check, check

Rodney Harrison ended his active football career last season with a wave to the Razor crowd from the stretcher on which he lay. Today he's announcing the beginning of his broadcasting career, with NBC.

Harrison's ready for the microphone. How do I know? He used literally correctly in a sentence:
Harrison told reporters on a conference call that he wanted to leave on his terms with his health intact.

"A major goal despite the last couple of injuries was to be able to literally walk away from the game. I’m very excited to walk off the field and very much at a peaceful place in my life."
It's a point of Patriot pride that an athlete fresh from the field has a better grasp of English than the average broadcaster, who might be heard today saying that "Rodney literally played his heart out for the fans". Nope, but he did literally play his quadriceps out, and we'll take that as a measure of his heart.

For more on literality, see Literally, A Web Log.

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