Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blind Umpire

How bad was umpire Angel Hernandez last night? OTM breaks it down.

The Sox and Yanks face off for the rubber game of their intense September-in-April opening series. Go Red Stockings!


Mom said...

That's why I think all pitches should be called electronically. How hard could that be?

Chops said...

Not hard at all, I think. They'd basically have to start manufacturing the balls with a chip inside them, and have some way of measuring each player's strike zone height. After that, piece of cake.

Chops said...

Also, the media should be ashamed of themselves for creating a "story" about David Ortiz's bad attitude. They're not reporting the extent or attitude of their own collective questioning, just the 0-for-7 slugger's profane blowup in response.

It's irresponsible and unprofessional. The generic headline here shouldn't be, "Ortiz Gets Angry" but "We Got Ortiz Angry". Better, reporters should follow events instead of creating them to sell newspapers.