Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Run of Luck

David Brooks points out what an incredible run of political good luck Democrats have had in the past few years. Why, then, has the country turned so sharply against Democrat-style liberalism? Brooks spins a modern Dr. Faustus trading his soul to the devil:
"First, I would like the nation to be hurled into an economic crisis caused by Wall Street greed and recklessness. This will discredit free-market fundamentalism once and for all...

"[F]ind the smartest Democratic politician in the land and make him president...

"Then I would like you to create a political climate so he can immediately enact an $800 billion spending package... [and] a universal health care law. This will show a grateful nation that government can provide basic security."

"Just to be sure, I would like a multinational oil company to cause the biggest environmental disaster in American history."
Shouldn't Democrats be utterly ascendant right now? In crises of economy and environment, isn't the 'Mommy Party' favored? With Big Business looking worse than Enron, and regulations apparently missing all over the place, isn't the Party of Regulation in great demand?

Apparently not.

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