Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You ^&#!@ set of Algerines!

America has a long history of rivalry with Algeria leading into their decisive World Cup match today. OK, mainly an old history of conflict. North African pirates ravaged American shipping to the Mediterranean, and "Algerine" was almost synonymous with "Pirate".

In Milton, Massachusetts, Algerine Corner commemorates an event (or legend) in which a local citizen cursed young miscreants as a "set of Algerines".*

The Marine Corps anthem and the U.S.S. Constitution commemorate the First Barbary War, a naval excursion to punish the pirates and the states that harbored them - mainly in modern Algeria.

Thus, game-time taunts can include:
  • Making fun of the Algerian mascot, the Fennec. Nice ears, Belhadj!
  • Any insult ending with "you &$%%@! set of Algerines".
  • Referring to the game as the "Third Barbary War".
  • Humming the Marine Corps anthem.
  • Chanting "Egypt's Better".
* The History of Milton, Mass, 1640-1877 attributes the remark to Hon. Edward H. Robbins, a Milton scion born in 1758.

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