Friday, September 10, 2010

It's All the Media's Fault

NEWSFLASH: Blogger criticizes mainstream media!
NEWSFLASH: Dog bites man!

The world media appears to be in an uproar about one (and maybe several) "Christian" pastors who are planning to burn copies of the Quran on Sept 11th, which is the 10th 9th anniversary of the hateful attacks. And as we know, Jesus taught his followers to fight fire with fire and hate with hate.

But if this spark of hate metastasizes into a global conflagration, and especially if people die, the fault lies with the media. There's a lot of hateful, idiotic opinions in the world, and it is nowhere written that the media has a responsibility to give each of them a voice. Imagine if the media wrote stories about what some dumb blogger posted every time a controversial opinion popped up on the internet.

This "pastor" wanted fifteen minutes of fame, and the media has obliged obsequiously.


Mr. Dough said...

Actually this year it's the 9th anniversary of the attacks.

Mr. Dough said...

PS. Congratulations on a successful deployment of the word "obsequiously".

Chops said...

Ah, thanks