Monday, September 20, 2010

The Marxist or the Witch?

Delaware Senate voters have no good choices for Senate in the race to replace Joe Biden. The pragmatic centrist in the race, Rep. Mike Castle, is a Republican but could not hold his base together and did not understand the level of disgust with Washington and the status quo. Perhaps, since he'd been in public life since 1966, he was not the best choice.

But Delawarians now face a choice between a Republican so nutty that former staffers hate her and she once joked about dabbling in witchcraft, and a Democrat who called himself a 'Marxist' in college. Presumably, they've both grown up, though the Democrat - Chris Coons - has executive experience to prove that hypothesis, whereas questions abound about Christine O'Donnell.

Global Review seriously considered endorsing Coons. He is, after all, more experienced and a known quantity, unless the Marxist thing rears its head.

But here's the kicker: if O'Donnell turns out to be a flake, she'll lose in 2014. Coons, unless he does something criminal, would be a lifetime appointment in Dem-heavy Delaware. When choosing between two bad representatives, choose the one you can un-elect later.


Mr. Dough said...

I'm thinking the jury ought still be out on this one, especially at so persicacious an organ as the Global Review.
...lest we fall into the hands of people engaged in a career of questionable motivation

Mr. Dough said...

I hate it when Mr. Dough leaves the middle "p" out of "perspicacious".

Carol L. Douglas said...

Global Review is not going to comment on Larry Summers wrecking the economy and then retreating back to Harvard to teach?

Chops said...

Nah, he's ridden the Bos-Wash shuttle too many times for me to even yawn about that.

Just remember: if you like the way the economy is run, you'll love Harvard/Princeton/MIT econ!

Carol L. Douglas said...

You’re no fun. He’s never left quite this kind of immediate mess behind before. Although he did leave a time bomb in the Clinton administration in the form of credit default swaps, it was well-hidden under the carpet and didn’t start to smell until it could be blamed on George Bush.

Anonymous said...
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