Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Down Goes Gerry! Down Goes Elbridge Gerry!

Californians took to the polls and slayed the monstrous Gerrymander. The campaign pitted the voices of California governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Grey Davis (D) against the quiet money of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Berman (whose brother Michael was given $1.3 million in bribes to draw the lines to make safe Democratic incumbents back in 2001) and a horde of other incumbants. The new redistricting commission will be drawn by lot, like a jury, from a pool of at least 36 candidates, who remain from an applicant pool of 31,000 eager Californians.

So look your last on California's "Ribbon of Shame" 23rd district. Get ready for big, squarish blocks, communities of democracy replacing the fiefdoms of autocracy.

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