Friday, November 12, 2010

The Internationalist

Remember how electing Barack Obama was supposed to restore America's honor in the world and end our unilateralism and isolation? I know it seems a long time ago, but when Bush was president, those of us who traveled took a lot of flack for his policies.

With Obama, it's so much different the same. At the G-20 Summit, Obama has been shellacked by squadrons of world leaders who are angry at Obama's administration for taking the politically easy route and devaluing the dollar, instead of manning up and cutting deficits. Are these guys Tea Party members? When did England, France, Korea, Japan, China, and Germany become racist reactionaries? Don't they know that deficits don't matter because we're all dead in the long run?

As long as the Democratic Party remains beholden to labor unions with a screw-thy-neighbor ethos, it will never be a good partner for America's allies.

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