Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Means-Test Your Way Out of Debt

Marc Thiessen spends a column on the Republican House laundry list of spending cut wishes. Citing mostly Paul Ryan, he checks off a familiar litany of wasteful Washington:
  • Slow the growth of Social Security for the rich.
  • Reduce or remove Medicare for the rich.
  • Means-test the DC Scholarship Program, and swing the money from providing a wide choice of colleges to affluent college students to providing a wide choice of elementary schools for poor kids.
  • Remove farm subsidies for wealthy farmers.
  • Cut Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae loose from the Federal apron-strings.
  • Eliminate corporate welfare for favored corporations (like GE) or industries (like solar panels).
To these proposals, Global Review says a hearty "amen". In addition, get rid of agricultural subsidies which raise the price of foodstuffs, essentially stealing from the poor & unemployed and giving to the wealthy and landed.


Carol L. Douglas said...

I'm totally with you on eliminating all ag subsidies and corporate and industry welfare.

Don't know what the DC Scholarship program is.

I don't think Social Security for the rich is a problem (for reasons I've outlined elsewhere). And I have no idea what kind of savings would be gotten from cutting Medicare from them, although it's ironic that the rest of us are supposed to be in a cradle-to-grave health network at the same time as we undermine the geriatric health network.

Carol L. Douglas said...

As for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the damage is already done... it probably doesn't matter much at this point, but sure, can them.

Chops said...

DC Scholarship program: the Federal government pays the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition at any public school in the country, allowing DC residents to get into any school at the in-state price.

So Washington believes in school choice for college students, but not (generally) for grade-schoolers.

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