Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Republican Debate

Comments on tonight's debate at the Reagan Library.
  • Good call opening with a back-and-forth between Perry and Romney. That's what we came to see.
  • Michele Bachmann should fire her hairstylist.
  • I'm glad Ron Paul pointed out that Reagan's presidency didn't go so well. Huge deficits aren't conservative.
  • Romney shredded Perry on Social Security & electability.
  • What's Jon Huntsman's deal? I think his candidacy could be really valuable, but I still don't know what he's running on. In the same breath, he recalled how important was Ronald Reagan's optimism, how optimism is a great characteristic of Americans, and then repeated his catch-phrase line that America's "core is broken". You're running on, "The core is broken"? Fire your staff and start over! The one good point Huntsman made was that he appeals more to independents and Democrats who will be important in the general election.

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