Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Name of the Year

It's that time! The Name of the Year Tournament has already begun. They've improved the process this year, with round-by-round votes to determine the victors. Click on over and vote for Destiny Frankenstein, Fonda Dicks, and Spaceman Africa!

Global Review readers already missed the first round, which saw 1500 people cast ballots in just one of the races, and a great down-to-the-wire matchup: 5th-seeded Firm Dinkins v. 12th-seeded Dom Perignon Champagne. Dinkins won in overtime, 314-313. We missed the chance to vote for Bridget Midgett, Ebony Haliburton, and Wacey Rabbit, among others.

Note: two of the second-round regions are already posted; two more will go up as the week progresses.

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Chops said...

The full ballot is here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_GmMXfVVwTNw/R9FZXmVg9TI/AAAAAAAAA9E/UEmC0PSULLs/s1600-h/2008+ballot-corrected.jpg