Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day; thousands of bloggers are highlighting poverty issues to create awareness and stir action.

Better than anything I can contribute, check out my sister's blog, which chronicles her service in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation. A recent post introduces us to new children at the home where she lives:
The older child was a 4 year old boy in the beginning stages of kwashikor, a protein deficiency malnutrition where the child's lower limbs become swollen, his hair turns orange and his skin begins to flake off. This boy only had the swollen legs. We prayed about him and talked it over together, but we decided not to take him. Dorothy's mission is supposed to be for infants and 4 years is a pretty long way beyond infant. I gave them peanut butter to feed the boy 3 times a day and we told the mother that we would talk to Dorothy and to other people that we know and see if we can find another solution for him.

We did take Miltha, the 9 month old girl. She is in a general state of malnourishment, simply because her mother is very malnourished so the breast milk she has been drinking has not been sufficient or abundant enough. She is strong enough to drink from a bottle, so we're going to start chunking her up!
Also, check out Inos' brief discussion of his stay in Muqattam, Egypt, a neighborhood where I've also worked.

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