Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bob Schieffer for President!

Last night's debate was so much better than the previous three, I was left wondering who had abducted my candidates and replaced them with interesting, intelligent human beings! Schieffer had permission to be more intrusive than the previous moderators, and he used his power well. Several times (but not too many) he interrupted one candidate to get the other's rebuttal on a characterization. Schieffer remained warm and avuncular throughout, and let the candidates free to go overtime when things really got interesting. Both seemed more on-the-ball and presidential than before.

Bob Schieffer's running mate should (of course) be Joe the Plumber. Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher was mentioned 22 times in the debate, much to his surprise. While watching last night, I said, "there should be a t-shirt for this". Sure enough, as of this writing CafePress features 289 different "Joe the Plumber" designs.

Schieffer-Plumber 2008: Avuncularity, Anonymity, Apposity.


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