Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Two new blogs on the roll today: Free Convection, by reader and friend inos, and Kick-Boxing Rhinos by reader and old friend emily grace.

Free Convection yesterday noted the Pope's wise comments about the state of the global economy. Kick-Boxing Rhinos recently highlighted... yeah, that was immodest.

A question for Inos: what does "Free Convection" mean? Is that 'free' like, "Free Mandela!" or like "Free Donuts!"? And a question for emily grace: what was the word Madeleine L'Engle coined/used to refer to dragon excrement in A Wrinkle In Time or its sequel? Or am I misremembering something from my childhood?


inos said...

Think free as in "free will."

I think I'll write a post explaining the name soon.

Thanks for the link.

Emily Grace said...

I believe the word you're looking for is "fewmets."

And thanks for adding me! I knew all that linking would get me places. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fewmets is a medieval english hunting term for the excrement from any animal you're hunting. T.H. White uses the term in the Once and Future King, which is where I know it from. King Pellinore talks about them he's hunting the Questing Beast.

So L'Engle didn't coin it at all. It's Medieval English and White used it 15 years before her in modern literature.

ali baba