Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raising the Stakes

In all the presidential primaries so far, national convention delegates have been awarded according to inscrutable formulae, such as the one in Nevada which awarded Obama more delegates though Clinton won a majority of the popular vote. That changes next week.

Florida's primary, on January 29th, is winner-take-all and awards 57 Republican convention delegates. Winner-take-all isn't really winner-take all: in Florida, like Michigan and others, the winner of the state gets a bundle of statewide delegates, but district delegates are also awarded. The current leader in delegates is Romney with 59; Huckabee has 40 in second place and McCain 36. With a win in Florida, any of these candidates could become a bona fide front-runner.

Right now, InTrade political securities have McCain Florida shares selling at $50, Romney at $35 and Giuliani at $12. It appears that Thompson's withdrawal boosted Romney and sunk Giuliani.

Here's a helpful link on all the state's delegate totals and award process.

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