Friday, January 4, 2008


The Washington Post's Stumped election advice column headlines a question I sent in. Though it's actually hypothetical for me, I'm sure it's true for someone, and it's fun to have a question answered by a blogger I admire. Here's part of Stumped's response:
Dear E&O,

The office of California's Secretary of State was initially stumped when I called to make sure there would be no legal hurdles for a New Hampshire transplant who moves in that "magical window" (as the press officer put it) and wants to partake in a second primary. But the office got back to me to say, somewhat grudgingly, come on over.
Read my question and the rest of the response here.


Turtle said...

Good job, Chops!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you just bought a house...

ali baba

Dave said...

Salim, I'm happy your insane idea garnered support with the a mainstream blogger. On another note, I'm now able to read your blog while at work using a little known feature of google. I simply type in "" and I get your page, a few days old, but I get it anyway. Since my job filters out I think this is awesome and totally anti-establishment, or something.

Stickin' it to the man,

Chops said...

Awesome, Dave!